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Alice Taylor 1913-2011

An appreciation by BPSCG Chairman Brian Barnes

Alice at a BPSCG Christmas dinner

Alice at BPSCG's Christmas dinner at Notoriani's restaurant, Battersea in 2000





Alice Taylor has died in George Potter Nursing Home Battersea High Street.

Alice was involved in Battersea Power Station Community Group from 1973 and went on all the demonstrations from the Broome years to Parkview and Victor Hwang. She came to the 20th anniversary party at Ethelburga hall in 2003. She had attended every meeting, every month, for all that time helping with fundraising, leafleting and all the usual business of a community group. For many years the meetings were held in her living room on Surrey Lane Estate.

Alice had polio as a child and needed special shoes but this never held her back. Alice worked at Morgan Crucible at Battersea Church Road and was married to Bert with two sons Paul and Jack. They lived at St John Hill before moving to Surrey Lane in 1969 where she was a TA representative taking the Council to court over excessive condensation in many flats and won and then arranged her own transfer to Kambala Estate with a swap. Meetings of the group transferred to her new flat. Alice tried to stop the council tearing down Latchmere Baths and was on a rota during the occupation by protestors.

Alice was a lifelong supporter of Battersea Labour Party and campaigned during elections for the St Mary's Park ward centred at her address with leafleting in the ward for local councillors and the MPs Alf Dubs and Martin Linton.

I first met Alice while painting the Battersea mural at Battersea Bridge Road in 1976 and Alice helped with the work and I remember some large daisies that Alice painted were far better than the artist (me) drew for her to fill in. This is a big loss to Battersea politics. Although she had a good innings I’m pretty sure she would have enjoyed a card from the Queen at 100

Brian Barnes  31st March 2011






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