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January 2000

Further delays announced by Parkview

In December Parkview applied for an extension of two years to its existing planning permission to convert Battersea Power Station into a leisure centre, and to surround the building with luxury housing and hotels.  Parkview currently have until May of this year to commence the project and the extension, if granted, will give them until May 2002 to make a start.  Given that Parkview have been in effective control of Battersea Power Station since 1993, the question becomes, why is yet another delay necessary?

BPSCG chair Brian Barnes was interviewed on the GLR radio station in London recently to set out the group's objections to the application and why it should be turned down.   The programme also included a brief statement from Parkview's spokesman Andrew Dowler, given by him over the telephone.  Its turns out that Parkview have never said that they would finish  the leisure centre by 2000.  But as he continued, "Once we've got it right, we'll begin".

English Heritage calls for new plan for Battersea Power Station

English Heritage, the government's advisory body on conservation,  has written to Wandsworth Council to suggest that a review is carried out of the existing planning guidance  for Battersea Power Station.   EH's comments were made in response to Wandsworth Council's public consultation about its new Unitary Development Plan, and appear to be related to concerns over the delays announced by Parkview (above) and the continuing neglect of the building.

BPSCG also made a lengthy submission to the UDP inquiry.  Like English Heritage, BPSGC has called for a new plan for Battersea Power Station and for East Battersea as a whole.