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July 2000 back on line

The Battersea Power Station Community Group's web site, is back on line following the conclusion of discussions between solicitors acting for Parkview International and our ISP, Netlink Internet Ltd.

The following letter was recently sent by Richards Butler, solicitors acting for Parkview International, to Eversheds, solicitors for Netlink:

29th June 2000

Dear Sirs,

We understand that if you have not heard from our clients that they take exception too the contents of the web site by the close of business on Friday 30th June, you will allow the Battersea Power Station Community Group to reinstate the web site

Our clients have reviewed the web site and have two objections to this site.  Firstly in the Frequently Asked Questions at page 1 (of 3) it states that since November 1983:

"the community group has every month to counter the wild claims of the developer."

Our clients have not put forward any "wild claims" in their development proposals and they therefore require that the Battersea Power Station Community Group delete this defamatory comments from page 1 of the Frequently Asked Questions section.