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BPSCG proposes radical new use for the landmark building

Figure of Energy on the door of the Directors' Entrance

Relief of "Energy" on the door of the Directors' Entrance at Battersea Power Station




The Guardian newspaper reported recently that the Chief Scientific Advisor to the government, Sir David King, is spearheading a project to build a £12 million energy research centre. The centre is intended to carry out research into climate change and alternative sources of energy. Further details of the new centre are expected in the next few weeks.

The proposal has been widely welcomed. In a letter to The Guardian on 15th March, Philip Ruffles, Vice-president of the Royal Academy of Engineering, said: "Sir David is right to encourage the development of renewable generation, but it will need subsidies and heavy investment in the near term".

BPSCG think that Battersea Power Station would be the ideal location for the new energy centre. A high profile building on a prominent city centre site, with large areas of vacant floorspace and plenty of space for expansion, would be an ideal location.

As a redundant power station from the days of coal, the choice of Battersea would be a particularly apt.

The new energy centre at Battersea Power Station could be the centrepiece that the new development so desperately needs. It was clear from the recent presentation by Ian Rumgay of Parkview International, at the recent Wandsworth Business Event, that plans for Battersea Power Station itself are still highly uncertain.

Parkview should seriously consider offering space at Battersea Power Station to Sir David's team. Better still, as Lord Dubs proposed last year, Parkview should surrender the building to a public interest trust, which would organise repairs and coordinate the redevelopment.

Posted on 6th April 2004

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