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November 2001


Battersea Water Pumping Station

The following is an extract from the report by the Borough Planner to the Planning Applications Committee of 16th October.  The report includes a summary of BPSCG’s objection to the proposed demolition of the boiler house of the pumping station:

Site and press notices. 1 response from the Battersea Power Station Community Group: object to the demolition of any part of the pumping station.  The boiler house is an integral part of the listed building and its presence gives meaning to the other parts.  There is no documentary evidence from Thames Water that demonstrates that the diversion works are necessary.  There is so much vacant space around the Power Station that it is unbelievable that the shaft could not be located elsewhere so as not to undermine a listed building.  The application does not contain a report from the applicants engineer, merely references to it, and a visit by the Community Group in March found the building in good condition.  The loss of the boiler house would frustrate the Group’s alternative plans for community use of the pumping station.  Parkview could have started development at any time in the last eight years but have contrived to find reasons no to.  If they are allowed to demolish the pumping station they will find another reason why they cannot start.  The rail-link will not be built without which the leisure centre will not receive financial backing – the wider redevelopment plans are in disarray and the application to demolish part of the listed building should therefore be refused – Parkview should be made to build something before anything else is destroyed. UDP and Government guidance are clear on the importance of protecting listed buildings.

The report recommends granting of listed building consent to demolish the boiler house, subject to conditions, including the requirement for a construction contract for diversion works to be entered into before demolition can proceed.