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28th January 2004


The security of peregrine falcons nesting on Battersea Power Station has been jeapordised by unnecessary publicity generated by Parkview International.

Parkview have just erected a 55m high lattice tower on the riverbank next to Battersea Power Station. Parkview say the tower is necessary to rehouse a pair of peregrine falcons currently nesting on one of the chimneys in advance of the start of redevelopment works, which they claim will begin later this year.

The erection of the tower has been reported in local and national press, most recently the Guardian Newspaper on Saturday. These are rare birds and the only pair of peregrine falcons nesting in London.

We are concerned that the mast is easy to climb and is now nationally identified and egg thieves will target the nest. We regret very much the publicity that Parkview has generated about a single pair of falcons and do not wish to add to it unnecessarily.

However, having generated all this publicity for its own ends, Parkview should redouble its efforts to ensure that the birds are safe. If the birds do move to the tower, Parkview should have 24 hour security posted at the base, which should be fenced off. The tower should get the same protection as Osprey nests.

We do not think it is necessary to move the birds at all. It would be a simple matter to repair each chimney in turn, incorporating specially designed nesting boxes in each.

If this were done, the birds would cross from one chimney to the next. Being much higher up the building, these rare birds would also be much more secure.


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